Monday, December 7, 2015

Cuban Missile Trade in Crisis? Aroldis Chapman Domestic Dispute Changes Everything

In a stunning development, news has come out regarding a domestic dispute between Aroldis Chapman and his girlfriend halting all talk of the alleged trade between the Reds and Dodgers.  According to the Yahoo report, Chapman "choked" his girlfriend and fired eight gun shots, seven in his garage and one through a window into an open field, where eventually "more than a dozen police officers were dispatched to Chapman’s home in Davie, Fla., around 11 p.m. on Oct. 30."  Chapman was not charged or taken into custody as "due to conflicting stories, no cooperating witnesses, and no physical injuries, there is insufficient evidence to charge Mr. Chapman with simple battery." 

According to sources reported from Ken Rosenthal, this is indeed what has been holding up the trade negotiations.  What's interesting about the whole scenario is that earlier it was reported that the Reds were the ones saying the trade was not a done deal.  If this was indeed holding it up, it would make more sense for the Dodgers to be the ones backing down from a done deal in which the player they'd acquire is now caught up in a big legal dispute and will be investigated by the MLB.  Instead it was seemingly the Reds being sheepish about the deal and now that the trade is in limbo and might fall through Chapman's trade value this winter will most certainly fall a certain degree from all this.  As more news develops in the legal investigation and MLB's investigation it'll be interesting to see when the dust settles where Chapman ends up and how much it'll alter the deal that was supposed to be done.

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